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A non-touch automated employee health screening system to improve Workplace Safety

FirstScreen™ provides a health screening platform that builds confidence for employees and essential visitors. We are compliant with public health, privacy, and employment laws, our user-friendly software and on-site monitoring hardware will check your employees for early symptoms of illness. Your employees feel confident about entering FirstScreen™ sites.

Why FirstScreen?
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FirstScreen respects your privacy. We are PHIPA & HIPAA compliant.

We safeguard your Personal Health Information (PHI) using:

✓ Data Encryption

✓ Authorized Access

✓ Limited Disclosure of PHI

Our Services
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What is FirstScreen?

FirstScreen™ automates the employee health screening process and captures results within FirstDash, our privacy-compliant software platform. We provide a real-time dashboard that delivers instant results when employees/visitors arrive on site. Based on the information, companies can grant or deny site access to employees.

The FirstScreen Experience

Employee List uploaded to Portal.
Employer Admin uploads profiles of all employee and visitors to FirstDash.
Employer Admin monitors FirstDash portal for wellness results. Real-time results of temperature and survey provided when the employee arrives on-premise.
Employer Admin can access a real-time list of At-Risk employees and take immediate action (ie. assign WFH or remain in office). Emails can be sent to employees and managers to document Actions Taken.
Employee Admin can access insights for trends. HR protocols can be implemented based on insights.
Contact tracing lists can be generated based on site/dates/roles.

The FirstScreen™ Program Benefits

FirstScreen Symbol

The FirstScreen™ Logo Builds TRUST

Display the FirstScreen™ logo in your entrance areas. FirstScreen™ companies build instant trust and confidence for employees and visitors. Our program suppresses the transmission of infection in the workplace.

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Companies Reduce Risk of Business Shutdown

FirstScreen™ companies reduce the risk of business closures from contagion in the workplace. The FirstScreen™ program reinforces to shareholders, employees, and consumers, proactive steps are implemented to safeguard the business. Companies gain valuable insights from across our client base to manage outbreaks.

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Your Employees Feel Valued

The FirstScreen™ Program is a commitment to workforce safety against contagion. Health Screening of employees ensures high-risk co-workers are identified early to prevent onsite exposure.

Illustration of FirstScreen Symbol in a Coffee Shop

Your Consumers Feel Safe

FirstScreen™ logo displayed on-site gives immediate assurance to shoppers/visitors that employees have been screened, reducing their risk of on-premise contamination. Imagine the comfort patrons would have to know that - their cashier, waiter, food prep cook, and teacher have been FirstScreened.

Illustration of FirstScreen Symbol in a Coffee Shop

Gold Standard of Employee Health Screenings

FirstScreen™ builds a privacy-compliant database of Health Screened results.

  • Administer Online Health Screen (Health Survey and temperature check) to employees.
  • Consolidation of Health Screen results for all employees.
  • Immediate notification of at-risk employees and documentation of actions taken.
  • Provides access to anonymized data of other FirstScreen™ clients for trends and resource planning.
  • Separate database from Employee HR files.